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Concrete Hardener Colours

Strengthen and style fresh concrete.

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Colour fresh concrete

Available in 15 colours, Dulux Avista Colour Hardener is a cement based powder designed to colour and harden concrete surfaces. It is applied by hand casting over freshly poured concrete. Our Stencils and Stamps can be used at the same time to achieve your desired look and feel.

Colour Choices

Choose from warm tones like our Burnt Terracotta or Classic Mocha, neutral shades like Slate or Nickel, or dramatic tones like Black Knight or Red Ochre. Our Colour Hardeners are supplied pre-mixed ready to hand cast immediately after your concrete pour.

Concrete Stencils

Dulux Avista Concrete Stencils are designed to be applied at the same time as colour hardener, while concrete is still green. Stencils are a hard-wearing and practical alternative to pavers or bricks – you won’t ever need to worry about weeds poking through! Our Stencils can even be used to re-create the look of herringbone, cobblestones or Mediterranean tiles.

Concrete Stamps

Stamped Impression concrete allows you to recreate the distinctive effect of slate, stone, tiles or even timber around your home. Dulux Avista Concrete Stamp Mat Patterns are designed to be ‘stamped’ onto fresh concrete after the Colour Hardener is hand cast. Our Stamp Mats are made to order; please contact us for more information.

Looks with Colour Hardeners, Stencils & Stamps
Colour Hardener in Gunmetal with Trowel finish
Colour Hardener in Gunmetal with Trowel finish
Walkway Slate Stamp with Slate Grey Colour Hardener
Walkway Slate Stamp with Slate Grey Colour Hardener
Disclaimer: Colours shown are intended as a guide only. Colours may vary from batch to batch. Variations in colour and shading may also occur depending on the job conditions, chosen texture and finishing practices employed by your concrete contractor.