Revolutionise your space with a little help from Dulux Avista’s concrete resurfacing range. These high-quality products give you total control over the aesthetics of your concrete surfaces, allowing you to choose from a range of customisable colours, patterns and finishes.

Durable, cost-effective and easy to apply, rejuvenating your property’s concrete areas has never been easier thanks to Dulux Avista concrete resurfacing products.

Resurfacing is a flexible and cost-effective option for transforming existing concrete surfaces to a new designer look. With a high level of customisation, Dulux Avista concrete resurfacing products allow you to give new life to old, grey concrete for a fraction of the cost of concrete removal and replacement.

Our resurfacing products are ideal for restoring worn-out, tired-looking concrete areas, driveways and paths, or complementing your new space with a fresh contemporary look. Say goodbye to dull, grey concrete and say hello to a vibrant new façade, garage or entertaining area. It is also great for child care centres, aged care facilities, community centres and other commercial applications.