Lay out the creative concrete flooring you’ve always wanted, thanks to Dulux Avista’s range of wet concrete products. Wet Concrete refers to freshly laid or “green” concrete and can be plain, coloured, or laid with a pattern either from a stencil or stamp mat. These Australian-made products range from concrete stamp mat patterns to colouring products, giving you total control over your concrete design.

Design your own concrete flooring with the colour- and pattern-altering products in our range. Our Colour Through Oxide can be mixed in with wet concrete to create full-depth, coloured concrete which colours all the way through the slab.

Alternatively, our Colour Hardener is a coloured cement-based powder that is hand-cast over freshly poured concrete to both colour and harden the concrete surface.

Dulux Avista’s range of wet concrete products enhances your concrete design in a durable, cost-effective way. Designed for Australian conditions, they’re super reliable and weather-resistant, requiring minimal maintenance. Check out this superb range of products and say goodbye to boring concrete!