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Waterbased Epoxy Flooring Colours

Customise your concrete floors with Dulux colours.

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Design your Floors with Dulux

Make concrete flooring the understated star of your home or create an impact in a commercial space, with our vast choice of stylish colour tints. From your garage and home gym to your open plan kitchen and entertaining area, Dulux Avista’s internal concrete flooring will create a low sheen, hard-wearing and seamless surface that reflects your personal style.

The Dulux Avista Waterbased Epoxy is a 2 pack kit consisting of a resin (Part A) and hardener (Part B). The resin has a white base and can be tinted with a range of Dulux Avista and Dulux colours.

This page covers solid colour options, or you can create stone and terrazzo looks with our Decorative Flakes and Natural Stone Look Flakes. View our Decorative Flakes Colours.

In Store Tint Range

Available in six stylish and neutral colours, the Dulux Avista In Store Tint Range is available in Dulux Trade Centres, Inspirations and Paint Spot Stores. Flooring applicators add the tint to our Dulux Avista Waterbased Epoxy resin on site to achieve the desired colour.

Choose from gorgeous greys and nature-inspired taupe and beige, with light and dark shades to suit every home.

Waterbased Colour Tint 400ml Range*

For a bolder colour statement, the Dulux Avista Waterbased Colour Tint 400ml range can be purchased off the shelf from your local stockist (Dulux Trade Centres, Inspirations and Paint Spot Stores). This range is popular for showrooms, garage workshops and other commercial spaces.

Choose from neutral black, white and grey or have fun with bright colour. The colour names and samples represent the colour of the undiluted tint. Due to its white base, the tinted epoxy resin will be a lighter shade once mixed with the tint on site.

Customised Flooring Colours with Dulux

Offering true design flexibility, the Dulux Avista Waterbased Epoxy resin can be tinted using any Dulux colour tint with a white base. However, due to the resin’s white base, the resulting colour will always be a few shades lighter than it appears on a Dulux colour card or Dulux colour chip/sample.

Tinting is available at Dulux Trade Centres, Inspirations and Paint Spot Stores.

Disclaimer: Colours shown are intended as a guide only. Colours may vary from batch to batch. Variations in colour and shading may also occur depending on the job conditions, chosen texture and finishing practices employed by your concrete contractor.