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Adding colour and pattern to new concrete with Dulux Avista

If you're pouring new concrete for a driveway, porch or courtyard, have you thought about introducing colour and pattern?

With Dulux Avista's product range, freshly poured or 'green' concrete can be plain, coloured or laid with a pattern.

Here's 5 ways to add serious personality to new concrete.

1. Colour for every style

With a wide range of colours to choose from, our colour range has been curated to complement the style of every home. We have warm heritage tones, cool modern greys, rustic natural hues and dramatic dark shades. You can even use the Dulux Avista range to copy the distinct shades of bluestone, slate and granite.

2. Full depth colour

To colour concrete all the way through the slab, Dulux Avista Colour Through Oxide is mixed in with the concrete before it is poured. We have 14 oxide colours to choose from.

Colour Through in Ghost Grey with Broomed finish
Colour Through in Ghost Grey with Broomed finish
3. Colour that cures tough

To add serious durability to your concrete as it cures, Dulux Avista Colour Hardener can be hand cast over freshly poured concrete. This cement-based powder delivers a strong solid colour, further hardens concrete surfaces and has a choice of 15 colours.

4. Make an impression

Stamped impression concrete allows you to recreate the distinctive effect of slate, stone, brick and other patterns. Stamped into wet concrete as soon as it is poured, our Concrete Stamp Mat Patterns are made to order. These clever effects are so similar to the real thing, you’ll never have to confess the truth!

Slate with Walkway Slate Stamp
Slate with Walkway Slate Stamp
5. Seal the deal

Another alternative is to add colour during the sealing phase, which works for new (once cured) and existing concrete surfaces. Dulux Avista Tintable Sealer offers an attractive pigmented finish in 19 colours, including Colorbond® shades to match your roof or garage door. You'll be adding style at the same time as protecting your driveway from UV fading and general wear and tear.

Find out more about our options for wet concrete or use our Visualiser tool to start exploring combinations of colours and pattern. We’ll put you in touch with a Dulux Avista Accredited Applicator in your area so you can arrange an assessment and quote.