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Affordable driveway makeovers

Cracked, stained or faded concrete makes any home look tired. You can have your driveway resurfaced for a fraction of the price of a rip-up and re-lay.

Often overlooked, the driveway takes up a good chunk of visual space at the front of your property. Even if the style or colour has simply dated, your home’s street appeal will be limited. Just like investing in your garden, or a fresh paint job on the house, a new driveway instantly boosts the value of your home. But that doesn’t mean you have to rip up the existing surface and start again. The Dulux Avista Driveway Resurfacing System provides a cost-effective solution.

Two-day transformations

Some larger or more detailed projects will require three or four days from start to finish, but most driveway transformations can be completed in just two days. The process starts with preparation of the substrate (existing surface), which may involve filling any cracks with epoxy, grinding and pressure cleaning. Then the resurfacing primer is applied, followed by a base coat of resurfacing compound in your chosen colour. The texture coats are applied next (with or without stencil) and finished with two coats of Dulux Avista sealer. You can walk on it the next day and drive your car after five days. All without a jackhammer in sight!

Cost-savvy looks

For as little as $45 to $75 per square metre, you can create your own custom design and colour selection for your driveway. Keep in mind this cost can vary depending on the preparation required and chosen design. Our resurfacing compound can be coloured with warm heritage tones, cool modern greys, rustic natural hues and dramatic dark shades. You can re-create the look of stone/exposed aggregate by adding flecks in additional colours or achieve a brick or paving pattern with stencils. Or go sleek and modern with a single shade. Use our Visualiser to explore the options.

Oak and Orange created an amazing look with Bluegum in resurfacing. Photo credit: ThePalmCo
Oak and Orange created an amazing look with Bluegum in resurfacing. Photo credit: ThePalmCo

Professional application and advice

Dulux Avista Accredited Applicators have the specialist equipment and knowledge required to achieve the best results. We’ll put you in touch with contractors in your area so you can arrange an assessment and quote. Don’t forget to ask about other decorative concrete possibilities around the house. Is your garage floor, garden path, patio, home gym or man cave also due for a makeover? Most existing concrete surfaces can be transformed.

Keen to get started? Contact the Dulux Avista team, or download our brochure today.