Decorative concrete finishes come in a wide variety of options, each of which may have varying levels of slip resistance. Dulux Avista also has products that can be added into sealer coats for example, to help increase slip resistance and in turn produce a higher slip rating. 

Dulux Avista adheres to the Australian Standards AS 4586-2013 for slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials. We endeavour to test all key products and applications to provide you with the slip ratings certificates that you require. 

For further information on slip ratings and how to best achieve them for your project, call our Dulux Avista Customer Service Team on 1800 801 108 and we will be happy to assist.

Dry floor friction Slip resistance of dry surfaces, the results are not applicable for the same surface in the wet condition. D1/D0
Wet pendulum test Slip resistance of surfaces when wet. P0-P5
Wet-barefoot inclining platform test Slip resistance of surfaces intended for applications which become wet during normal use and are subject to barefoot traffic. A/B/C
Oil-wet inclining platform test Slip resistance of surfaces intended for industrial applications where footwear is required R10-R13

Test Certificates

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