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Seal your street appeal with concrete sealers

Concrete driveways, paths and porches can give your property serious street appeal. Sealing will help you keep it looking as good as the day it was poured.

Concrete may be tough, but it’s not invincible. Here's a quick summary of the design and maintenance benefits of sealers.

Protect against colour fade

Unprotected concrete may crack, fade and stain over time, especially with heavy use or high UV exposure. A high performance Dulux Avista Concrete Sealer creates a durable coating that protects against stains and UV damage, so your concrete can maintain a sleek, even appearance. The Dulux Avista range also has a sealer formulated specifically for Exposed Aggregate driveways and paths.

Easy cleaning

If you would prefer to relax on your weekends, take heart that Dulux Avista sealers will dramatically reduce your driveway maintenance time. By blocking the pores of the concrete, sealers prevent dirt penetrating the surface.

Getting a grip

If you need to add some much-needed grip to a sealed surface, you can mix the Dulux Avista Slip Reducing Additive Powder in to your final coat of sealer. You can also add a courser texture and slip resistance with Dulux Avista Slip Reducing Additive Crushed Glass.

Colourful options

Is your existing driveway colour looking a little tired? Refresh and brighten concrete with the Dulux Avista Colour Tint mixed into the Dulux Avista Concrete Sealer Tintable Base. Explore the colour options and go for a completely new look. You can even match your driveway to your Colorbond® roof colour, with four new popular Colorbond® shades now available. If you’re stuck for ideas, go to our Visualiser tool to start exploring different designs.

Sealing in Merino
Sealing in Merino

Keen to learn more? Contact the Dulux Avista team or speak to your local Dulux Avista stockist for expert information and advice.